Geomedia for Real Estate Marketing

Geomedia for Real Estate Marketing is proving to be the next wave for realtors to share comprehensive details for with property buyers and renters. Geographic Information System maps represent a new and exciting format in which to display details about properties for sale or lease, in an industry that is based on ‘location, location, location’! Perspective buyers or renters can simply click on a pin located on a map of the area that they’re interested in residing or operating a business, to open up a page chock full of as many details as the marketer wants to upload. This makes the process of locating and comparing specs of properties fast and easy.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers can list every property they represent all over a city. The map can pin properties belonging to their own clients or link to other properties that potential clients might be interested based on the location. It is so easy to discover properties based on location using a GIS map and lead your clients to the neighbourhood in which they are interested in residing.

Geomedia for Real Estate MarketingThe map manager can upload detailed contact information for agents and brokers involved with marketing a property or just provide the minimum details in the window plus a link to a full page on a website. Have videos, logos, interior and exterior photos of the property, along with floor plans, aerial and 3D views, embedded directly on the pinned page. Links to a variety of resources can also be uploaded, including an MLS database, tax records, additional videos, and points of interest in the neighbourhood, such as schools, shopping malls, grocery and retail stores, restaurants, transportation routes and hubs, parks, sport, recreation and recycling facilities, and more attributes that people want to know about when they select their new neighbourhood. The buyer or renter can quickly get an idea of property values with a click, allowing them to quickly compare prices, lot size and other real property data, rather than typing in addresses, or combing through MLS listings found in a specific area. Maps can be customized to only have properties listed in a specific price range, lot size, business requirements, or whatever criteria desired.

The beauty of using Geomedia for Real Estate Marketing is that it is both a visual medium to locate a property as well as a platform to share a wide range of reports and other data for both professionals and prospective home purchasers or renters. Once people get a taste of the ease with which properties can be viewed using the perspective of Geographic Information System maps, there will be no going back!

The types of maps that can be created using GIS technology are limitless. See a sample map for Solar Providers.

Managing Social Media

Managing Social MediaManaging Social Media well can make the difference between running a smooth and effective marketing campaign or struggling with a stressful one that is more work than it should be.  Staying on top of the game with a clear plan for content and event promotion will surely pay off in many ways.  Obviously, certain topics for blogs are better posted at different times of the year so you want to plan them accordingly first.  With Blogging, you don’t want to say too much in one blog, so it is good to have an overview for dispensing content over the year, relating posts to other posts and other social media, announcing calendar events well in advance and creating a somewhat regular flow of communications.

The first thing I do when Managing Social Media for a client is to set up an Excel Spreadsheet with several ‘sheets’ or pages containing pertinent information to help market my client. I add information such as logins, passwords, links to log in with, links to reference material such as quotes, other blogs and websites, a list of Search Engine Optimization Words, along with several lines of descriptive copy for online posting.

If you are a person who creates a lot of online ads, etc., try copying the blurbs into a spreadsheet or Word document so you can easily access them, alter them quickly as needed, then copy and paste instead of wasting time to fuss with the new copy from scratch all the time.  I find this is a great time saver and a wonderful way to fine-tune my copy, as I keep revisiting it with fresh eyes, and usually tweaking it before posting.  I can keep the blurbs in order and run down the list, rotating the blurbs so the public doesn’t see the same copy repeatedly without breaks for online ads. 

When I am surfing the net looking for one thing, I always have my radar up for other interesting facts, key search words, images, thoughts, etc. for clients. However, since I usually don’t have time to pursue everything I come across while looking for something specific, I keep named ‘Sheets’ within in my main Excel Spreadsheet for various links that I can copy and place and pursue later as a resource, idea, etc. If the title is not self-evident from the link itself, I simply take the time to name the link and move on. This practice makes coming up with content so much easier later on, especially if you group the links and copy.

I can’t say enough about identifying and building your list of key search words and good adjectives and phrases in a spreadsheet or Word doc., etc. when managing social media. This keeps them in one place so you can read them and or copy them into various meta descriptions, tags, copy, etc.  Also, just seeing the list of words and other info written out in front of you tends to trigger other keywords or different ways to go forward in your marketing campaign. This, in fact, is the advantage of creating lists of your pertinent data in all areas of life.  Not only is it at your fingertips, but just scanning the list of titles and contacts is invaluable if it is able to remind you of things to do. When looking for something to do, just look at your list and be inspired to create or update something, make contacts or follow up on something.

Since I keep making the file of pertinent information more valuable all the time, every once in a while I back it up somewhere off my computer for safe keeping. It is a pain when you can’t find a password to log in, so take care to set yourself up with a hard or soft copy list of pertinent details that are easily accessed. One of the things I like to do for my clients right away is make logging into their various social media a ‘favourite’ on the menu of their computer browser.  Make it easier on yourself and just go to the drop-down menu and log in without even having to remember a password, if you have set up your ‘favourites’ properly.

Make sure you have lots of Social Media buttons to click on. Whether it is on a website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+YouTube or any of the other social media platforms, make sure the graphic icon buttons are renamed, actively linked clearly placed on all your versions of social media and pointing to the best possible link. Then once the person opens that link, have more linked images, copy or icons that keep pointing to more of your network of info.

I also keep a number of blogs in progress at one time, since I often just type out the name of a title so I don’t forget the subject line. I then have somewhere to insert images or jot down thoughts that cross my mind on the subject.

Try and always develop a square simple, easy to read version of your logo, no matter what your other versions of your logo appear as. Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites often require a square that may be cut down to a circle, so keep your critical design or type within the round shape. Much care should be taken with this image. You may also wish to have to design a Favicon that is recognized beside your website online, keeping in mind that it is too small for more than an emblem, initials or simple image to be read properly.

In your day to day business activities, try to think like a marketer and grab pictures that you can use on your various social media.  Start files with these pictures and rename them with well-chosen words to attract your audience through the search engines.  Photos are gold when it comes to dressing up a blog so keep your resources built up with shots to describe the who, what, where, when, why and how of your endeavours.

Also, don’t forget that Managing Social Media is made so much easier by the fact that most sites allow you to schedule when posts go out to the public.  This means you can create a month’s worth of posts prior to that month even beginning and time them for regular release.  Posting in a well-paced and more regular manner makes you look more professional.  Also, by preparing posts in advance, you allow time to mull them over and double check them once more with fresh eyes before they are released.

Managing Releasing Blogs

Managing releasing blogs can make the difference between running a smooth and effective marketing campaign, or struggling with it in a stressful state while making it all more work than it should be. Staying on top of the game, with a clear plan for content, scheduling, and event promotion will surely pay off in many ways in the end. Here are a few tips, and reasons, to develop a solid overview and marketing schedule surrounding your blogs:

  • Planning social media postingsOne of the most important reasons to honour a schedule when posting content pertains to a time-sensitive topic is simply because deadlines creep up so easily, and can catch you unprepared. A good marketer will start sharing details about an event early, endeavouring to dispense a variety of details, links and ‘call to actions’ in a professional and pleasing fashion, in each post. Also, since certain topics for blogs are better posted at different times of the year, especially if they relate to holidays, and special events, populating your calendar really helps with your long-term overview and marketing plan, as you take into consideration posts related to holidays as well, seasons and events.
  • Having your overview, and notes, scheduled using calendars in Google, Outlook, Thunderbird,or a more sophisticated project management system such as Asana, or even accounting software packages, not only keeps you on track, but it also serves as a place to store pertinent information related to posts.
  • Creating a regular flow of posts, rather than releasing several in a row and then having huge gaps in between is more professional and more likely to keep your audience coming back for more.
  • The ability to create blogs ahead of time, and schedule their release, at a later date, is a convenience many bloggers use. Often companies hire people to write several blogs, days or weeks before posting them, and simply continue Managing Releasing Blogs according to their needs, and scheduling their release, to maintain a regular flow of communication.
  • If you are re-posting a time-sensitive issue, give precedence to posts that relate to recent events in the news, so you can share the latest news, rather than commenting on stories days or weeks old. You can always re-schedule blogs that are already scheduled to be posted.
  • When it comes to blogging, you don’t want to say too much in each publication. It takes discipline and control to avoid droning on too much, but your restraint will usually benefit you in the long run. If you plot the course of relating information, this often helps in not blowing all your content in 1 or 2 posts. Although all blogs are different, and your target Managing Releasing Blogs audience can play a role in determining the length of your blogs, 600 words is considered a maximum number of words for a blog by many. A minimum of 300 words will get you a good rating by ‘Yoast SEO’.
  • With that said, it is good to remember that ‘a picture says a thousand words’, and if you choose the right image, it can not only raise your level of communication, but will increase the entertainment value, and provides a source to link.

In marketing, you might find, that just viewing a blog schedule is often inspiring. If it is ‘in your face’, you are more likely to be triggered to think of a new idea, or at least embellish your notes. So, develop whatever system helps you when it comes to managing releasing blogs the best, to lessen any stress around releasing your details, thoughts, photos, etc. to the world, while making your efforts more effective, enjoyable and, an easier task to complete.

Essential Content Marketing

The world of Content Marketing is exciting, vast and a little scary at the same time, but it is so worth diving into. Resources and material for Content Marketing are something that every business owner can work on all the time, so you have media and material on hand when ready to use it. Content marketing is here to stay, and embracing it on every level is so worthwhile. Whether you are utilizing websites, blogs, video channels, online newsletters or the various social media platforms, keep building up your pictures, quotes, data, statistics, videos or whatever you can to have a wealth of resources to flesh out your content.

You can start building your content by establishing social media accounts and sharing the posts from related topics that others have created. If you choose such posts wisely it demonstrates that you are discerning in taste, interested and knowledgeable about your field and creates content at the same time. However, if we are taking advantage of someone else’s efforts in content marketing, we have to view a great deal of what is published with the sales pitches linked to it in mind.  We have to use our judgement more and more these days so we are clear on just how much media and advertising we are sharing on social media. Why promote your competition by not reviewing a post carefully to discover the links to their product or service.

It sort of takes away from the experience of reading copy, when you have to apply extra discretion and seek the clues to see if the article is genuinely full of great tips, or are they supplying the minimum hook in order to promote a company, event or service. I find my first approach in clicking on buttons and exploring links is to determine the angle from which it comes ASAP before reading on. The bottom line for most online efforts is that someone wants to sell you something, but be careful of overkill on the selling and try to provide some substance to your content.

One of my passions is environmentalism. Hundreds of times while sharing posts on my Managing Earth FaceBook page, I have opened up a really interesting blog or post which I would love to share with the world, but I just can’t bring myself to repost it because it means promoting a product or several products that are plastered all over the page. So keep that aspect in mind if you truly want your posts to be shared. If you are promoting a cause – keep it noble!

Of course, there have always been angles to printed, magazines, newspapers, etc., but I miss the days of innocent perusing, without a watchful eye for the sales pitch buried in the content, subliminal or not.

That said, advertising is the engine that runs most of the business in the world, and if we have to have it, content marketing is certainly making it more interesting! The images, videos, quotes, quick tips and facts are so entertaining when done well, that you can easily forget the premise of selling and just enjoy being entertained and informed. Content marketing can make marketing a company a lot more fun and interesting.

Don’t forget the advantages of linking to outside sources. It makes your message less focused on you and may just pay off in a reciprocal link and a good rapport with the source to which you are linking. ‘Facebooks Likes’ often pay off.

I can’t say enough about the video component to content marketing. Many times I have tried to get on the first page of results for a search engine only to be usurped by sites that are more established and paying for ad words. However, when I established a YouTube site, gave my channel and video really well-crafted descriptions, boom, there I was on the first page. If you can make any sort of video to promote your business or cause, I highly recommend spending the time on this media.

Here’s hoping that the content marketing industry keeps developing into a positive force with some sort of watchdog system to keep everyone honest in their published comments and properly researching subjects before posting online and sending out newsletters to subscribers.

It is an intimidating yet thrilling moment when you have thoroughly researched your subject, carefully determined key search words, perfected your phrasing to convey the most information with the least amount of words, yet with your own approach, and then press that ‘Publish’ button. To think you can reach the world from your own little computer is really empowering and I highly recommend it to anyone who has something to say.  It’s a blast!  Just find the right venue and you’re off! Embrace the blog and video channel. You will be glad you did.

For more tips on Content Marketing, find lots on the lluminate Media and Communications Facebook Page or Pinterest Page.

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Common Sense Marketing

Marketing PlanCommon Sense Marketing employs research, the knowledge of current media and the ability to use it with flair.

Headspace. When I start thinking about promoting a business or cause, I tend to create a thought pattern while pulling together all the different marketing elements that I have come to rely on over the years.  Taking on a project means that one often immerses oneself in the subject matter and before you know ideas just get triggered.  If you keep your eyes and ears open once you have learned what to look for, even just handing a writer or SEO Specialist a list of great key search words is a huge start so keep that pad and pen handy.

Common Sense MarketingFocus. It’s always challenging to find a new angle, but it is so important to have an original idea regarding promotion. Focusing on the simple truth about something or its very best qualities often inspires more interesting ways to share the message. Coming up with great ideas for boosting sales, phrases for copy, images to be used, etc. is one of the ways to constantly save on advertising costs. Bounce ideas off family and friends for feedback be ready to grab great ideas from their reactions.  Ask them your copy is easy to understand.

Common sense. This is often as simple as: ‘What would move you to buy something or use a product, service?’ If it works for you, it most likely will work for others. You can add whatever you want to the package but what I want to know first from advertising is: Does it insult my intelligence or meet me on a level of truth and tell you what you need to know so in the end, I get the best value for my dollar.  Then you can make it clever, funny, arty or use whatever themes you are using to dress up the message.

File Management for Common Sense MarketingResources. One of the basic things I encourage clients to do is create a number of folders for various groups of photos.  The images should be renamed with titles that include key search words or the name of the company in some form. What good does it do to put up a frame online named #C0000079? If the photograph is large, keep the original, copy it and resize and crop the copy to save upload time for your website pages. Having a wealth of photos to choose from when marketing is gold when it comes to populating most media.  Try to obtain photos that tell the story of your business in action, social events, staff, etc.  This is a resource that goes a long way!

Market Research is key to success with anything and helps to arrive at the truth so much faster. In order to link the consumer, customer, and public to the marketing campaign, it is well worth the effort to gather resources whatever way you can, read about demographic studies, compare and learn from others’ mistakes and successes, etc. Basically, see what’s working and not working in the industry to help establish long term and short term goals to work toward with carefully plotted steps. This is where being totally realistic really pays off.

Step inside the shoes of your audience. If you’re building a branding and marketing campaign, think like the critical customer out for the best they can get, and judge each element from that point of view.  Applying a good filter will end up cutting down on a lot of ineffectual effort.

Marketing and Communications StrategyKey search words and phrasing is everything for Common Sense Marketing. In the time of SEO. Adjectives, nouns and verbs are selected with great care for Search Engine Optimization and whole sentences are constructed to accommodate key search phrases. Programs are built to access how your web page scores by effective use of the number of characters, key search word, meta description, etc. As soon as I meet a client, I start jotting down pertinent words, phrases, descriptions and definitions that can help me do my job as a writer and marketer.

Free Resources make marketing anyone’s game.  You don’t have to have a lot of money for print or online ads anymore if you are inventive. It is all there at the touch of our fingertips. Take advantage of the many free tools available to boost your presence.  Social Marketing is a must these days. If you don’t have social pages and content, you are considered behind the times on many levels. It can be a fine line to walk as far as deciding on the best and most appropriate material to share on Facebook, Google+, etc., especially for a business.   You don’t want to divulge too much, yet still, want beneficial images imparted. Personal Facebook accounts must be treated as a part of a scrutineers material to judge as well. This business of online profiles can be a blessing and can also be a way to undo good efforts if not practised with care and foresight. This applies heavily to re-posting content as there is often a commercial aspect linked to many good posts you want to share.  Really understand what you are saying to everyone and exactly what you are sending people to when you share content.

Marketing Campaigns being producedCommon Sense Marketing can be fun, especially once you start to see the fruits of your efforts.  Get attuned to the many opportunities to self-promote or prepare marketing tools for professionals to use on your behalf.  Nobody knows your business quite the way you do, so apply your best common sense and see just how much you can contribute to your own marketing campaign before you even hire a professional marketer to round out your projects.