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Immigration Consultant Support Services in the form of writing, editing, research, and formatting is offered by Illuminate Media and Communications. Benefit from years of experience and success substantiating ‘Basis of Claims’ involving discrimination, persecution, or imprisonment based on race, nationality, religion, being a member of a particular social group, or political opinions and activities. Every detail of the client’s narrative is carefully edited to focus on the pertinent points while words and phrases are added to best explain the complete circumstances and to ensure vital information is included. A thorough approach is taken when it comes to researching the best exhibits to present examples of similar cases, using sources acceptable to Canadian or International immigration officials. A strong human rights sensibility drives a diligent effort to attain success for each client.

Immigration Consultant Support ServicesOne of the bases of claims, ‘being a member of a particular social group’ of course includes women who have had to endure unjust laws, emotional and physical abuse, discrimination, oppression, and more. It is second nature to do all one can do to help such women find protection and freedom in Canada, and most gratifying when they are awarded permanent resident status in a great country such as Canada. ‘Being a member of a particular social group’ of course includes claimants who prefer same-sex relationships and we have success helping such claimants as well and are pleased to help them find protection in Canada from a variety of risks.

Canadian Immigration Consultant Support ServicesAs religion encompasses a huge area of refugee claims there are quite a few different aspects to cover and present and Illuminate has compiled many Submissions covering multiple hardships. From discrimination to persecution, unjust detainment and cruel prison conditions are abuses we have protected those who are a minority religion or converts from radical fundamentalist religions. Unfortunately, the ‘so-called’ crime of apostasy can be used far too much, encompassing a range of acts and we have cited examples of this injustice many times. We are so proud that Canada accepts so many refugees and who seek the right to worship as they please without interference or judgment.

Get Immigration Consultant Support Services from Janice MenniePolitical opinions and actions are another claims we have proven over and over again as so many activists, and people just simply criticizing a government can end up being labeled an enemy of the state in radical societies. We know that prison can turn out to be particularly brutal and hard to bear on many levels, so once again we endeavour to all we can to keep such claimants free from such a fate. It is heart-breaking to read so many narratives in which a simple act has been translated into someone being an enemy of the state.

Although race and nationality are both valid basis of claims, we find that when such claims are made as a Convention refugee, they are usually in conjunction with other reasons for abuse and hardships. However, we are ready to prove these claims as well and have experience doing so.

Illuminate Media and Communications also help immigration consultants prepare applications for visitor, study, and work visas, for clients who require a great deal of proof to come into Canada and who must also prove they will leave Canada when their visa expires. Work permits that can lead to permanent resident status in Canada and require great attention to detail are dealt with in a thorough fashion. Resumes are reformatted, titles and carefully created, photographs are cropped and photo-montages are employed to save space. Pertinent information is lifted from various documents to expedite reviewing the application and highlight points. Entrepreneurial applications, often require a business plan, and we can help make these look more pleasing and professional if required. Our background knowledge of immigration programs can be helpful when pointing out missing criteria or documents. Sponsorship applications require a humanitarian approach and we rise to the occasion when producing these packages, ensuring the need for familial reunification or in the case of a ‘Group of Five’ sponsorship, how deserving and sincere both sides of the application truly are on many levels.

So if you need Immigration Consultant Support Services to prepare cases for your clients, including assembling detailed research of exhibits to prove a variety of claims, editing, organizing, and formatting documents to create complete packages to submit to immigration officers and judges, contact Illuminate Media and Communications. Our specialty is taking narratives that are written by someone whose first language is not English, switching it from the first-person to third-person, and reworking it into a well-written document, succinct and professional.

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We also offer posting, SEO, and audio-video services for Immigration Consultant companies to promote your business. You can see samples of such videos on our YouTube Channel.

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