Immigration Consultant Support Services

Immigration Consultant Support Services in the form of writing, editing, research, and formatting.

Immigration Consultant Support Services in CanadaIf you require assistance putting together a comprehensive Submission Letter and List of Exhibits on behalf of a refugee claimant who has endured discrimination, persecution, or imprisonment based on race, nationality, religion, being a member of a particular social group, or political opinions and activities, you can rely on me to provide a well-researched and written set of documents to prove the claims. I have a great deal of experience in carefully editing to remove extraneous information and insert important details to best present all that is required to bring about a positive decision by IRCC as far as granting refugee status in Canada. I also have experience with applications based on ‘Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds’ with the same detailed approach. Visit Writing and Researching for Refugee Claims to find out more about support for immigration consultants in this area.

I also help immigration consultants prepare packages for applications for entrepreneurs, sponsorship programs as well as a variety of visitor, study, and work visas. ,  for clients who require a great deal of proof to come into Canada, and who must also prove they will leave Canada when their visa expires.

As you know work permits that can lead to permanent resident status in Canada require great attention to detail to be dealt with in a thorough fashion. I reformat resumes, update titles of documents, organize, crop, list, and place photographs to save space. I lift pertinent information from various documents to expedite reviewing the application and highlight points. As entrepreneurial applications require a business plan, I can help make these look more pleasing and professional. My background knowledge of immigration programs can be helpful when pointing out missing criteria or documents.

Sponsorship applications require a humanitarian approach and I rise to the occasion when producing these kinds of packages, ensuring the need for familial reunification or in the case of a ‘Group of Five’ sponsorship, how deserving and sincere both sides involved in the application truly are on many levels.

So if you need Immigration Consultant Support Services to prepare cases for your clients, including assembling detailed research of exhibits to prove a variety of claims, editing, organizing, and formatting documents to create complete packages to submit to immigration officers and judges, contact me, Janice Mennie for experienced help. I love taking narratives that are written by someone whose first language is not English, switching it from the first-person to third-person, and reworking it into a well-written succinct, and professional-looking document.

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