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Photo Montages to promote Services

The photomontages on this page display photographs that were either sourced online or taken by Illuminate – Media and Communications to support blogs, represent a business on websites, create Facebook, Google+ Pages, YouTube sites, etc. All photos are selected with great care and purpose, to tell the story to the target audience.

Photo Re-touching, organizing, and renaming are offered to get the most out of each image.  Remember, a picture says a thousand words, so keep snapping the shots that tell your story.  They are worth a great deal as elements to tell your story! As is the case with most of the marketing tools created by Illuminate – Media, and Communications, many of the montages, have been used in videos, ads, blogs, website pages, and more. So when you invest in an image, know if chosen well, it will be applicable to different media and may serve you for months or years, rather than a single-use or short term.

One of the things that a good marketer makes sure happens, is that a release form gets filled out if images of people or places are used. So if you are building up your own portfolio of images to market your business, it is a really good idea to get that release, when you take the photo, so you know it is done, and there is no confusion or lawsuits later. This applies to employees going about their duties, homes that belong to the client, or the client themselves, logos and signage, or basically anything or anyone that is not part of a long shot of a public scene. Yes, it is tedious, but the consequence of releasing images without permission is an unprofessional experience you don’t want to experience.

Promote, be wise, be careful and respectful of legal rights, and you are on the right path to building up strong marketing tools.

Photo Montages of Skilled Workers in Canada Montage
Photo Montages for Skilled Trades Worker
Photo Montages for Entrepreneurs in Canada
Photo Montages for Immigration Sponsorship
Photo Montages for Family Sponsorship in Canada
Photo Montage for Refugee Help in Canada
Photo Montages of Canada

Photo Montages for Services
Photo Montages for Environmental Issues
Photo Montages of Writing, Design and Marketing Services in Canada
Black and White Photo Montages
Canada Immigration Photo Montages

Photo Montages of Counseling

CEDRIC Centre for Eating Disorder Councelling

Photo Montages of Workshops

Photo Montages of Health Shows
Photo Montage of Magazines
Newspaper-Articles Photo Montage
Limousine Photo Montaget
Senior Care Photo Montage

Hot Tub Images Photo Montage

Wedding Picture Photo Montage

Photo Montage of City Councillor

Counselman for Pickering, ON – Rick Johnson

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