Marketing Services

Illuminate – Media and Communications provides Marketing Services for businesses and organizations. Graphic and web design, concept, SEO, copywriting, and production for web, print, and audio/video/photo editing skills are available.  Select the services you require to create a complete and integrated communications system for your marketing needs.  If are in need of help promoting Real Estate, Business, Health, Retail and Wholesale, Causes, Education, and Training, get the support you need.

Illuminate Media and Communications Marketing Services

 Marketing Services to spotlight your message, with innovation and clarity.

Good Marketing Strategies and Project Management can make a small budget look big. Our inventive branding packages are carefully developed using new and existing resources, graphics, photography, etc. Descriptive copywriting, focusing on using key search words, pertinent information, data also help build a strong Content Marketing Campaign. Complete it with audio/video editing services, including creative concepts, scripts, titling, photography, graphics, and video along with sourcing images, music, voice, etc.

Marketing Services for Geomedia

Take advantage of cutting-edge geomedia technology and have your details and profiles highlighted on your very own dedicated GIS Map. Geographic Information System Mapping is an ideal way to share information or promote anything that relates to a location. Store, present, edit, and analyze your data, videos, images, documents, and more on a custom-built Fusion Map. Add various aspects of education, science, geology, climate and environment, projects for humanitarian work, corporations and organizations, or for more commercial pursuits such as retail outlets, real estate, vacation properties, and much more. Visit www.geomediamarketingservices to better understand the advantages of having your own GIS map.

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