Real Estate Marketing

Graphics for Real Estate MarketingReal Estate Marketing is taken to a new level by employing Geomedia Marketing Services. Geographic Information System Maps produce expanding information boxes that are linked to the pins on customized maps. With your own GIS map, you not only select the categories of the properties for sale or rent that show up on your map, but you can also have as many categories as you like. Since the video is one of the most important selling tools when marketing real estate, it is very advantageous to be able to click on the video as soon as you open the profile box. Many people supply a minimum of details on the pin and link to the web page which provides all the details of the property.

Along with the videos, you can have your pin loaded up with spec sheets, photos, logos, reports, and pertinent links to provide an in-depth profile of each property you represent as well as neighbourhood features. You can indicate schools, shopping locations, community and recreation facilities, traffic routes and public transportation, and much more.

Visit the Real Estate Photography page to see samples of promoting properties for sale or rent.


Have an entire branding package created that includes printed material such as spec sheets, rack cards, postcards, posters, stationery and business cards, signage, etc.

Videos and video channel creation are essential steps in promoting properties and Illuminate Media and Communications can take your still or moving photography and turn it into an extremely effective tool. A really strong title and description go a long way in the world of search engines.

Also take advantage of SEO and website services, social media updates, event announcements, and much more! By employing carefully crafted copywriting using well-chosen key search words, for your Real Estate Marketing, you can increase your edge when it comes to attracting prospective clients.