Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an exciting and interesting vehicle to promote an idea, service, event, and more. It is communicating with people who might be interested in what you are sharing yourself or on behalf of clients to entertain, enlighten, and establish a rapport. Use it to attract people to your product, service, or vision without buying ads for print or web. This is a fabulous way to insert key search words throughout your blog, site, or newsletter, to increase Search Engine Optimization and attract and retain your targeted audience. You can monitor keywords and see what content is ranking the best for your overall campaign. You build up your media resources while creating content and can re-purpose the copy, images, quotes, reviews, or whatever you can come up with, and integrate these elements throughout your marketing campaign.

Content Marketing can also help with your ‘street cred’, allowing you to give tips, and advice, comment on related articles, speakers, and links, and engage with the community on topics relevant to your business. Your input, data, and insights can be valuable assets once you create a reliable, trusted source and share interesting opinions on subjects that attract your target audience. Relevance is of great importance when it comes to attracting a following, along with clear evidence of research, expert opinion, and an intelligent yet warm attitude. It is a great idea to keep the content current, updating or deleting irrelevant information, outdated events, etc. Constructive audits are a good thing to conduct every few months.

We can’t say enough about how Online Video Channels provide an effective way to share your message with a lot of value as far as SEO goes. Since Google owns YouTube, they tend to pay a lot of attention to video and channel descriptions and it can be a surefire way to raise one’s rankings. Podcasts are also making huge headway into the entertainment market as more and more people seem to be paying less attention to mainstream media. Promotional and Educational Videos are also a great vehicle on which to base a marketing campaign. Geomedia Marketing Services are also becoming a valuable way to share information and seem to be here to stay, offering the locative aspect to searches.

Image content can be an important tool on websites, etc., and make the case for naming images and their ‘Alternative Text’ title with care, employing effective search engine words and phrases. Although the advertising world has shifted away from Print Media somewhat, it still has its place in certain arenas and can be a great marketing tool.

Visit our pages: Logos  |  Business Cards  |  Posters and Rack Cards to view samples of printed material created from scratch by IMC.

Articles and Blogs for Content MarketingSee more in the article: Blogs for Content Marketing and on our page: Blogs for more on marketing tips and advice.

The strategy of Content Marketing is interesting to examine when one considers timing, length of the blurb, phrasing, use of key search words,  images used, number of links, and several other factors that are relevant in creating successful communication in the myriad of apps from which to choose to share.

Keeping marketing tools organized, and resources handy, including some kind of administration system to keep growing lists of pertinent links of articles, etc., key search words, contacts, helpful websites, podcasts, and more. Have samples of good marketing to inspire teach and celebrate your creativity when employing social media to further your world.

Let Illuminate – Media and Communications help with your marketing, by developing the tools to work with you to manage your content marketing, or taking over the reins, and publishing content on your behalf using the best platforms for your message.

Newsletters – Email Marketing Campaigns created and sent using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Create Send Newsletter Formats

Newsletters created to promote your service

Newsletters are a great way to share information with clients and potential clients and build up your reputation as a knowledgeable source of information and a more professional-looking business at the same time. We use creative writing and good design to shine a light on your message in a pleasing way.

We take the time to research and incorporate key search words to attract your target audience. Have your newsletters balanced with appealing images, graphics, and the right amount of copy to suit your message. Links, links, and more links fill our newsletters to get the most out of your communications as we focus on your website, events, sales, external reports, videos, and more. You can create quite a following with interesting content including blogs.

If newsletters are a route you wish to take, as we keep saying, it is a great idea to always keep an eye out for pertinent information to build up your resources for content. Just keep a file of vital facts, statistics, images, videos, etc., and have a professional turn it into something that you are proud to share. You can also keep a file of interesting articles that you might like to link to or follow up by expanding on the point in your own words.

An interesting rapport can develop more easily when you have regular readers engaged with your publications. Valuable, insightful comments can be a surefire way to build credibility and customer loyalty, so the extra effort and research put into newsletter articles can pay off. Issuing your newsletter certainly makes you look like a player, keeping abreast of what’s going on.


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