Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an exciting and interesting vehicle to promote an idea, service, event, and more. It is communicating with people who might be interested in what you are sharing yourself or on behalf of clients to entertain, enlighten, establish a rapport. Use it to attract people to your product, service, or vision without buying ads for print or web.

Social Media and Content Marketing

This is a fabulous way to insert key search words throughout your blog, site, or newsletter, to increase Search Engine Optimization and attract and retain your targeted audience. You build up your media resources while creating content and can re-purpose the copy, images, quotes, reviews, or whatever you can come up with, and integrate these elements throughout your marketing campaign.

Content Marketing can also help with your ‘Street Cred’, allowing you to give tips, advice, comment on relevant articles, speakers, links and engage with the community on topics relevant to your business. You can create a great deal of confidence by sharing subjects on which you focus, by consistently publishing information to buyers that will help them access the market.

This type of marketing isn’t new but has taken new forms to keep up with today’s media choices including:

The strategy of Content Marketing is interesting to examine when one considers timing, length of blurb, phrasing, use of key search words,  images used, number of links, and a number of other factors that are relevant in creating a successful communication.

Let Illuminate – Media and Communications help with your marketing, by developing the tools to help you run with your own content, or taking over the reins, and publishing content in the media you select.

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