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Immigration Websites, Blogs, Videos, and Social MediaI love to write, edit and design! I could do this all day. I also love producing visually pleasing marketing tools, including graphics, photographs, and videos.

I was introduced to the world of immigration in 2016 when I was asked to write all the pages for an entire immigration-based website. Once I was done creating well over one hundred pages dealing with the various immigration programs in Canada, and several in the United States, along with many blogs, my employer surmised that I was ready to take on writing Submission Letters and creating Lists of Exhibits, mainly for refugee cases, as well as other immigration applications. I have embraced this new field with a passion.

During that period, I was also working with RICC member, Dr. Thomas Tofigh, who had his own immigration company and existing website created in Farsi. In 2019, he asked me to create from scratch, an entirely English language website for his company, Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc. This entailed writing every page, sourcing hundreds of photographs, cropping them, and creating photomontages, creating graphics, and of course the web development and SEO. I also produced blogs highlighting each province in Canada, and continue to create new blogs for MBIS, and manage the MBIS Facebook page, along with the work I do for MBIS clients.

So if you need help with sprucing up your website with graphics, photographs, or redesign, or adding to your content by embellishing on details of programs or your services I can assist on all points. I also can create blogs on a number of subjects and post them to your Facebook page for you. Another great way to grab attention is to have a video to summarize your services and even introduce team members. I also create YouTube channels and the like. I have created several videos to promote companies and services found on my own YouTube Channel. Below are the videos I produced for the immigration companies:

Vancouver BC Immigration Consultant
Refugee Help with Vancouver BC Canada Immigration Consultant

Check out some of the blogs I have created that based on immigration issues below, and facts and highlights regarding Canadian provinces to inform those interested in applying to settle in Canada through the Provincial Nominee Programs. Visit my Blogs for Content Marketing web page for samples of posts created for other subjects.

Blogs created for Migrating Bird Immigration Services Inc.

Blogs written for Immigration Consultants in Canada
Blogs written for immigration consultants in Canada

Blogs written for 123Visa Immigration Services 

123Visa Blogs for Content Marketing
Canada's Express Entry Program Explained

Articles on Canadian Provinces and Territories – Highlights, Statistics, Industries, Tourist Destinations, and more.


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New Brunswick


Nova Scotia


Newfoundland & Labrador


Prince Edward Island


Northwest Territories



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