Newsletters are a great way to share information with clients and potential clients and build up your reputation as a knowledgeable source of information and a more professional looking business at the same time. Illuminate Media and Communications uses creative writing and good design to shine a light on your message in a pleasing way. Content marketing is a smart way to reach customers and followers, plain and simple.

We take the time to research and incorporate key search words to attract your target audience. Have your newsletters balanced with appealing images, graphics, and the right amount of copy to suit your message. Links, links, and more links fill our newsletters to get the most out of your communications as we focus on your website, events, sales, external reports, videos, and more. You can create quite a following with interesting content including blogs.

If newsletters are a route you wish to take, it is a great idea to always keep an eye out for pertinent information to build up your resources for content. Just keep a file of vital facts, statistics, images, videos, etc., and have a professional turn it into something that you are proud to share. You can also keep a file of interesting articles that you might like to link to or follow up by expanding on the point in your own words.

An interesting rapport can develop more easily when you have regular readers engaged with your publications. Valuable, insightful comments can be a sure-fire way to build credibility and customer loyalty, so the extra effort and research put into newsletter articles can really pay off. Issuing your own newsletter certainly makes you look like a player, keeping abreast of what’s going on.

See below for samples of Email Marketing Campaigns created and sent using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Create Send Newsletter Formats.

Newsletters created to promote your service


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