Writing and Researching for Refugee Claims

Immigration Consultant Support Services in the form of writing, editing, research, and formatting documents for a variety of immigration-based applications in Canada are offered by Janice Mennie of Illuminate Media and Communications.

Benefit from my years of experience and excellent track record substantiating ‘Basis of Claims’ for refugees who may face discrimination, persecution, or imprisonment based on race, nationality, religion, being a member of a particular social group, or political opinions and activities. I carefully edit every detail of the client’s narrative to focus on the pertinent points, while adding words and phrases to best explain the complete circumstances and ensure vital information is included. I take a very thorough approach when it comes to researching the exhibits to present examples of similar instances of human rights abuses, using sources acceptable to Canadian or International immigration officials. My own sensibility around human rights has greatly increased after working on several dozen refugee cases, covering a wide variety of claims, and I put forth a diligent effort to attain success for each client.

‘Being a member of a particular social group’

Writing and Researching for Refugee ClaimsOne of the bases of claims that I often address is ‘being a member of a particular social group’ of course includes women who have had to endure unjust laws, emotional and physical abuse, discrimination, oppression, and more. It is second nature to do all one can do to help such women find protection and freedom in Canada, and I find it most gratifying when my efforts help bring about such women being awarded permanent resident status in a great country such as Canada, where I know they can enjoy a level of safety, freedom, and rights they have never truly experienced in their home country.  It’s hard to accept that blatant double standards exist as official government law in some countries in this day and age, but unfortunately, it is a reality for far too many.

‘Being a member of a particular social group’ of course includes claimants who prefer same-sex relationships and I have also had success helping such claimants as well and am pleased to help such individuals find protection in Canada from a variety of terrible risks.

Canadian Immigration Consultant Support ServicesReligion

As religion as a ‘basis of claim’ encompasses a huge area of refugee claims, there are quite a few different aspects to cover and present and I have completed many submissions covering an incredibly wide range of hardships. From discrimination to persecution, unjust detainment, and cruel and inhumane prison conditions and treatment are abuses I have outlined on behalf of those who are a minority religion or converts from radical fundamentalist religions. Unfortunately, the ‘so-called’ crimes of apostasy and blasphemy are vaguely used to encompass a range of acts, and I have cited examples of these injustices over and over again. I am so proud and pleased to live in a country that accepts so many refugees on the basis of religious persecution and allows them the right to worship as they please without interference or judgment.

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Political opinion

Political opinion and actions is another area on which I focus, having dealt with many cases in which simply showing up at a protest, voicing an opinion through social media or even private emails, can land a person in trouble with radical regimes, not only at the time of their arrest but for the rest of their lives, as they remain on the regime’s radar as an enemy of the state and threat to national security. Political activists appear to receive the harshest sentences and treatment while incarcerated. Very often torture is used to extract confessions and information about fellow activists and activities. Just having family members who are politically active and opposed to regime ideology and laws can be problematic on many levels for some. A heartbreaking scenario often arises in which the person being persecuted is told that if they don’t bend to the radical regime’s demands, their family members will suffer consequences. I often include corruption under this category, having dealt with many cases of individuals suffering from corrupt officials of a powerfully networked regime allowed to get away with acts totally unacceptable by most other countries in the world.

Race and Nationality

As a ‘basis of claim,’ I have found that race and nationality often surface as discrimination, to say the least, to the point where minorities actually have laws are written to blatantly exclude them from enjoying the same rights and privileges of the majority, and often religion is at the core of such unfair treatment. Workplace discrimination is common for many minorities in far too many countries where power, tradition, and history have brought about a trend too hard to challenge. Just complaining and standing up for one’s rights can cause far more trouble than it is worth. Once again, it can be a dangerous act to challenge the authorities on any level and can result in a negative profile in the eyes of a regime. Being persecuted for pursuing one’s own traditions, beliefs and rituals should not be allowed anywhere if no one is being harmed or disrespected in the process, and thank goodness Canada has and will continue to provide asylum to so many in the world on this basis.

After years of editing narratives written by Convention refugees, converting them from ‘first person’ to ‘third person’, as if I am the immigration consultant, cleaning up the grammar and spelling, while thoroughly editing the details to present a comprehensive, yet succinct version of the claimant’s circumstances, I have honed my skills to bring about an extremely high rate of successful decisions granting refugee status in Canada. If I feel that there is information missing from the narrative, I will ask for details to complete the story. If I feel there is evidence missing from the documents provided, I will also speak up and ask for more. I present my exhibits in a professional and consistent manner with great attention to detail and go the extra mile when searching for more obscure proof required to make a point. Basically, I give it my all when producing a Submission Letter and List of Exhibits on behalf of refugee claimants, so if you need help with writing and researching for refugee claims, contact me for dedicated effort.

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