Multimedia Marketing Services


Illuminate – Media and Communications provides a variety of services to promote your business, organization, cause, or personal expression.

A background in graphics, writing, editing, researching, and practical management informs most decisions when creating using words, pictures, images, and video on behalf of clients. Decades of experience allow for the production of a more well-rounded set of tools with which to produce solutions to share a message and fulfill the needs of our clients.

Have a mini-project or an entire marketing campaign created for various fields, including health, environmental concerns, real estate, retail, wholesale, causes, education, counselling, and immigration. Ideas, concepts, and research are provided along with resources to quote, source, and link for website pages and blogs, official reports, and more. Clients’ core ideas and written words are edited, and ‘punched up’, along with business documents and correspondence, resumes, applications, menus, etc. Also have catalogs, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, etc. created from scratch, and formatted for professional presentation.

Strong Content Marketing is created by taking into consideration target audiences and demographics when selecting key search words, appropriate jargon, relevant links, descriptive copywriting, pertinent information, quotes, and data. Good marketing strategies, project management, and an inventive branding package can help make a small marketing budget look bigger and help a marketing campaign operate more efficiently and effectively. It’s not all creative. The administration has to come into play and that is one of our strengths. Check out the IMC Blogs on Marketing for articles on our organic approach to online marketing strategies and practices.

Illuminate Media and Communications Marketing ServicesAudio/video editing services provided by IMC include creative concepts, scripts, titling, photography, graphics, and video along with sourcing images, music, voice, etc. Marketing material created for one media or platform is made easily transferable to another to help you get the most out of your marketing budget and have lots of marketing tools on hand.

Geographic Information System Maps are created by IMC for clients to share locations, details, links, logos, photos, videos, reports, and other documents, on a custom-built, dedicated platform. Along with the analysis aspect of GIS maps are applications for education, science, geology, climate, and environment, projects for humanitarian work, corporations, and organizations, and commercial pursuits such as retail outlets, real estate, vacation properties, etc.

Whether you want to start from scratch to address your marketing needs or just have your existing marketing elements refined, carefully developed, and expanded, using new and existing resources, graphics, photography, video, copywriting, platforms, and more, Illuminate – Media and Communications will have your very best interests in mind at all times.

Marketing Services to spotlight your message, cause, or service