Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing services include photography, video, design, copywriting, research, and Geographic Information System Maps.

Whether you are a real estate broker or agent seeking to boost a company in general, or a specific property, or are a private seller or renter, Illuminate – Media and Communications can create a pleasing marketing package or individual marketing tools to help you achieve the success you seek by applying practical services, lots of common sense and aesthetic sense with a professional approach.

Real-Estate-Branding-Package-Vancouver-BCBranding for Real Estate Services

Have an entire branding package and in turn a wealth of marketing tools in the form of logos, files for printed material, spec sheets, rack cards, postcards, posters, stationery, business cards, signage, etc. Having plenty of jpegs and other image files, PDFs, videos, and links to social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and other content marketing platforms can make the process of marketing more efficient and effective. Once you get the base campaign established, the material can be easily repurposed and grown to create an evolving marketing campaign and profile.

Branding encompasses strong SEO and website services, social media updates, event announcements, and much more! Pay attention to key search words and grow your list. By employing carefully crafted copywriting using well-chosen key search words, for your Real Estate Marketing, you can increase your edge when it comes to attracting prospective clients and buyers. Take advantage of years of experience in both commercial, and legal writing with attention to detail, a sense of practicality, and a pleasing presentation if you are not prepared to take on the task of marketing and communications.

Real Estate Promo VideoVideos to promote Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Videos and video channel creation are essential steps in promoting properties and Illuminate Media and Communications can take your still or moving photography and turn it into an extremely effective tool. A really strong title and description go a long way in the world of search engines. Videos created for real estate sales and rentals can do wonders for sales as they not only provide enhanced visuals and details, they also allow for excellent access to higher rankings on Google and the like. The quality of the video can run the gambit as far as quality goes. Anything from simple videos taken on one’s cellphone to professional camera people coming in with their cameras and tools to do a thorough and heightened presentation. Just having a well-worded description for the video channel is a great way and free way to increase online profiles. People love videos, especially if they are well done and the majority tend to watch videos over reading and stay longer. If you are a property owner, start taking shots of your property all year round for marketing purposes. I good stash of photographs or short video clips can be invaluable when it comes time to sell or rent.

Graphics for Real Estate MarketingGeomedia Marketing Services

Geomedia for Real Estate Marketing is proving to be a perfect marketing tool for realtors to share comprehensive details with property buyers and renters. Geographic Information System maps represent a new and exciting format in which to display details about properties for sale or lease, in an industry that is based on ‘location, location, location’! Prospective buyers or renters can simply click on a pin located on a map of the area that they’re interested in residing or operating a business, to open up a page chock full of as many details as the marketer wants to upload. This makes the process of locating and comparing specs of properties fast and easy.

Real estate agents and brokers can list every property they represent all over a city and beyond. The map can pin properties belonging to their clients or link to other properties that potential clients might be interested in, based on the location. It is so easy to discover properties based on location using a GIS map and lead your clients to the neighbourhood in which they are interested in residing.

By having a dedicated map you can control the pins of expanding information boxes that are linked to the pins on customized maps. You not only select the categories of the properties for sale or rent that show up on your map, but you can also have as many categories as you like. Since the video is one of the most important selling tools when marketing real estate, it is very advantageous to be able to click on the video as soon as you open the profile box. Many people supply a minimum of details on the pin and link to the web page which provides all the details of the property. Along with the videos, you can have your pin loaded up with spec sheets, photos, logos, reports, and pertinent links to provide an in-depth profile of each property you represent as well as neighbourhood features. You can indicate schools, shopping locations, community and recreation facilities, traffic routes, public transportation, and much more.

Geomedia for Real Estate MarketingThe map manager can upload detailed contact information for agents and brokers involved with marketing a property or just provide the minimum details in the window plus a link to a full page on a website. Have videos, logos, interior and exterior photos of the property, along with floor plans, and aerial and 3D views, embedded directly on the pinned page. Links to a variety of resources can also be uploaded, including an MLS database, tax records, additional videos, and points of interest in the neighbourhood, such as schools, shopping malls, grocery and retail stores, restaurants, transportation routes and hubs, parks, sport, recreation and recycling facilities, and more attributes that people want to know about when they select their new neighbourhood. The buyer or renter can quickly get an idea of property values with a click, allowing them to quickly compare prices, lot size, and other real property data, rather than typing in addresses or combing through MLS listings found in a specific area. Maps can be customized to only have properties listed in a specific price range, lot size, business requirements, or whatever criteria are desired.

Remember, the beauty of using Geomedia for Real Estate Marketing is that it is both a visual medium to locate a property as well as a platform to share a wide range of reports and other data for both professionals and prospective home purchasers or renters. Once people get a taste of the ease with which properties can be viewed using the perspective of Geographic Information System maps, there will be no going back!

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Photography for Property Rentals and Real Estate Sales

As mentioned, when you see a great shot of your property, residence or business, record it for your archives. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so try and take photos that tell a story. Of course take in to consideration composition, lighting, aesthetics, and most importantly – details. Have a file of photos from all seasons as you will want some nice summer pics if you find yourself marketing something in winter.