Youtube Channel for Video ProductionIlluminate – Media and Communications creates Videos combining both moving footage and still photographs, according to existing resources and budget for new material.  Video Scripts are written for promotion or instruction. Titles are created and voice-overs and background music are provided for the videos if desired.  Innovative, customized graphics are created, complete with pictures graphs, charts, etc. to tell the story.

Clients benefit from YouTube, and Vimeo Channels created and populated with pictures, profiles, keywords, and phrases, for SEO.  The same graphics created for video can easily be formatted for other media, greatly increasing marketing resources.  Facebook and other social media benefit a great deal from the video links and accompanying graphics, titles, and graphics used to create them.

The reasons videos make such great marketing tools include:

  • As Google owns YouTube the search engines pay attention to videos, especially if the video has a good title and description, employing key search words. If you want to be found on the first page of a search engine, or as close as you can get without buying key search words, post a video.
  • People love to watch videos. You know yourself, if you are presented with the choice of clicking on a video to play it, or reading a bunch of copy, you are most likely compelled to click that little triangle to start a video, partly because we usually wish to take the easiest route to obtain our information, but also because most videos contain interesting images, that we enjoy seeing.
  • Videos tend to get to the point fast. People know that a video will sum up the pertinent points fast and you won’t have to take in extra information to get the point.
  • People love tutorials. If you want to reach your public, reveal something interesting to them, or teach them something useful. This is an aspect of content marketing that works. So if you feel inspired, jot down those thoughts and ideas that you feel others would benefit from, and turn them into a great little video. You can’t go wrong!


Videos are edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition as standard software.

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