Web Design

Web Design for businesses and causes by Illuminate – Media and Communications focuses on content, and writing with clear effective phrasing that encompasses a variety of carefully chosen ‘search words’ for SEO and ultimate communications. We strive for a succinct style with a bit of a punch here and there. Finding the right balance for writing is crucial for clear messaging and search engine optimization.

Since pictures tell a thousand words, we often use them to enhance the story while adding aesthetic value to pages and setting an instant tone. Much care is taken to obtain the best product shots available. This can involve taking photographs firsthand of products, obtaining photographs from client or manufacturer resources, capturing action shots of product use, installation, results, etc. The same thing applies to video footage.  Custom graphics are created to increase the look of a professional, finished-looking website.

Linking to and from a site is another important step in having your site found and establishing ‘street cred’. A good meta description goes a long way in attracting your target audience and should be formed with key search words in mind. There are so many elements involved in creating a good web page. It is an ever-evolving dance of information exchange, updates, repositioning, and tweaking that brings the page to its optimum state.

Below are a few website page samples.



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